Latest Review

  • ‘Batkid Begins’: Summer bright spot

    June 23, 2015


    The wish of a terminally ill child as the subject for a documentary? I know, cue the cliches: strength in the face of tragedy, laughter through tears, the whole “Steel Magnolias” shtick. Except that Dana Nachman’s touching, funny nonfiction film, “Batkid Begins,” is sheer delight. Instead of something maudlin and manipulative, Nachman has assembled what may be the [...] More »

Latest Interview

  • Write on: Nantucket Festival to honor Robert Towne

    June 22, 2015


    Writer Robert Towne chuckles at a question about how young the executives in Hollywood are these days, how short the institutional memory about great work of the past is — and whether that has an impact on getting his phone calls returned. “I still know a few people,” says Towne, 80, with a laugh. And they know him. [...] More »


  • Tears, tears and more tears: On crying at the movies

    July 2, 2015


    I once was invited to appear on a local noontime chat show of the CBS affiliate in Sioux Falls, SD. At the time, I was working as the entertainment critic at the local newspaper and, as such, had ruffled more than a few feathers by offering blunt opinions in print of the local performing arts scene, [...] More »