Latest Review

  • Live from the Toronto Film Festival: Tuesday, Sept. 13

    September 14, 2016


      Film festivals as large as the Toronto event currently underway are too big and sprawling to have some kind of over-arching theme. They may have sections devoted to films from a single country or a particular director or some other category. But aside from festivals that devote themselves to something specific – social-justice documentaries, let’s say – [...] More »

Latest Interview

  • Patricia Clarkson takes the wheel

    September 9, 2015


    It is unmistakably Patricia Clarkson on the phone, that husky, honeyed purr and laugh too distinctive not to recognize. “I’m a New Orleans native, so I know 100-percent humidity,” she says, as she discusses shooting her latest film, “Learning to Drive.” “But filming in that car — with the windows up in the middle of summer — [...] More »


  • Live from the Toronto Film Festival: Wednesday, Sept. 14

    September 15, 2016


    My favorite thing about the Toronto Film Festival, when I started attending in 1984, was the chance – two or three times a day – to walk into a theater knowing nothing about a movie and discover it with a clean slate. That’s what it was like when I saw the Coen brothers’ “Blood Simple” here for [...] More »