‘Max Payne’: Shoot me now

October 17, 2008


Based on a third-person shooter videogame, ‘Max Payne’ is a nap-inducing special-effects fest, minus even the excitement of watching someone else play a game.


Mark Wahlberg, who appears to have been hypnotized before each scene, plays Max, a cop whose family has been murdered by junkies. Or so it appears: In fact, his wife was eliminated for knowing too much about a new drug being manufactured at the corporation where she worked. Max spends his days filing in the cold-case department and his nights tracking her killers. Until he finds them. Yawn.


This is as cardboard as action-movie-making gets: slo-mo bullets and breaking glass, big explosions, rows and rows of dead bodies. It makes you wish it were a videogame, so you could hit the reset button – or better yet, pop in another game altogether. I only wish this was the debut week for “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” because I’d love to see the little dog whip Wahlberg’s butt at the box office, the way it did Crowe and DiCaprio’s last weekend.


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