‘The Iran Job’: The international game

June 7, 2013

iran job

Opening in very limited released today, “The Iran Job” is an intriguing look inside what Americans see as a buttoned-up and forbidding culture: life in Iran.

Indeed, even as filmmaker Till Schauder follows American basketball player Kevin Sheppard playing professional basketball for the Shiraz team, a newcomer to the Iran Super League in 2008, back in the USA then-President Bush continues to rattle sabres. Iran’s future is the topic of debate between presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. (More…)


‘The Internship’: Lacks initiative


The jokes practically write themselves for “The Internship,” or at least that would be the case if writers Vince Vaughn and Jared Stern were actually paying attention to this one-joke movie.

Instead, this limp outing plays like an extended improv session, in which all of the best jokes wound up in the trailer. They still had almost two hours to fill, and that’s what you get: filler. (More…)