‘Gravity’: White knuckles all the way

October 1, 2013


Not since “127 Hours” have I run into a movie that provoked that mixture of excitement and trepidation in people I know who have seen the trailer as “Gravity.”

The excitement is understandable. The trailers make it look like exactly what it is, which is a harrowing, white-knuckle tale from start to finish. (More…)


‘Concussion’: Head for it


Some actors attract you because of their openness: What you see is what you get, in all its honesty and candor.

But other actors pull you in with their mystery: They present a face that seems to offer any number of interpretations. You don’t quite know what they’re thinking in any situation – and when you find out, invariably you’re surprised.

I’ve been fascinated with Robin Weigert since the first time I remember seeing her, as the hard-drinking, foul-mouthed Calamity Jane in David Milch’s too-short HBO series, “Deadwood.” Since then, she’s popped up from time to time in films and on TV shows (most recently in a recurring role as a lawyer on “Sons of Anarchy”).

But she’s never had a movie role like the one she plays in Stacie Passon’s “Concussion.” (More…)