‘Man of Tai Chi’: Packs a punch

November 1, 2013


In the Will Ferrell era of “Saturday Night Live,” there was a running bit: “Celebrity Jeopardy,” which always seemed to feature Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery, making rude jokes about Ferrell’s Alex Trebek.

In one of those episodes, Tobey Maguire portrayed a semi-comatose Keanu Reeves, who kept muttering, “I know kung fu,” echoing a line from “The Matrix” but making it seem hilariously dumb.

I kept waiting for something along those lines but it never came in “Man of Tai Chi,” Reeves’ Hong Kong-action-centric debut as a director. It’s not a terribly good film, but it features some of the best martial-arts action I’ve seen on film in a while. (More…)