Tribeca Film Festival 2015: Wrapping up

April 24, 2015

Ashby movie (1)

My intentions were the best and yet, after my first visit a week ago, I only made it to one more day of screenings at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Which highlights one of the problems for me with the festival: It’s too easy to ignore. That’s my own problem, of course.

When I am at Toronto or Sundance, seeing movies is all I do. It’s my job: I’m trying to see as many of the movies that could be game-changers or fare for the film club I program as I can in the allotted days and nights. I don’t go to parties or dinners or do interviews; I’m there to go to movies and write about what I’ve seen. I’m on the clock, trying to get the most for my money out of the limited time that I have.  (More…)