Live from the Sundance Film Festival: Wednesday, Jan. 28

January 29, 2015


I make a point of knowing as little as possible about the films I see at the Sundance Film Festival (or any other film festival – or just films in general, for that matter) before I see them because I want to see them with a blank slate.

As I set up my schedule for my days at the festival roughly a week before I leave (in long hand, on a legal pad), I’ll skim the synopsis and credits in the catalog online deeply enough to decide whether to add the film to my schedule. Often as not, by the time I actually get to Park City, I couldn’t tell you what any of the titles on my list are actually about.

Which, combined with the occasional audible at the line of scrimmage – such as an added press screening of a movie I knew nothing about today and a paucity of anything else – leads to some interesting scheduling surprises.

Such as today, my final day at Sundance: I wound up hitting the trifecta of addiction movies, with a side order of depression. (More…)