Live from the Toronto Film Festival: Wrapping up

September 18, 2015


It’s been a number of years since I started scheduling myself for the second half of the Toronto International Film Festival, rather than the first few days. I’m not someone who either is assigned to or feels the necessity to be the first person to see a film and register my opinion.

As a result, by the time I get here and start seeing films, others have already rushed to judgment. I counted no fewer than a half-dozen films being touted by different bloggers as “the best film of the year” before I even arrived in Canada. A couple of those turned out to be far less impressive than the hype would have you believe.

But, during my final day at TIFF today, I saw what may, in fact, be the best film of the year. While I’ve seen films that will definitely make my list of favorites for 2015, “Spotlight” was the one that gave me that tingle: that giddy feeling that I was seeing something important, something special, something that will be hard to top before year’s end. (More…)