Nothing lagging about Lynn Shelton and ‘Laggies’

October 22, 2014

shelton Given the organic nature of most of her work, “Laggies” should be a major departure for writer-director Lynn Shelton: the first film she directed that she didn’t generate herself.

But “Laggies,” written by Andrea Seigel, fits right in, Shelton says, sitting on a couch on a rear veranda of the Bowery Hotel, where she was briefly in New York doing press for the film’s release this week.

Her early films were improvised from outlines; her last film, “Touchy Feely,” had a script but also included improvisation.

“It’s very rare, among the scripts I read, that I want to do something that isn’t self-generated,” says Shelton, 49. “I wasn’t searching for a project. But this script was the rare exception. I read it and thought I could have written it because I felt such an affinity for it. What’s important to me was important to Andrea. The characters felt fleshed out, three-dimensional.”