Chris Messina heads to ‘Venice’

April 16, 2015



His acting career is percolating nicely – featured role on a hit sitcom, parts in Oscar-winning films such as “Argo” and respected series such as “The Newsroom” – but Chris Messina couldn’t pass up the opportunity to direct a film of his own.

“It’s something I always wanted to do,” Messina, 40, says in telephone interview. “I did a lot of small, black-box theater in New York when I was starting out. I’d get a group of actors together to do workshops and readings. And I ended up directing three or four productions.

“As I’ve found a way I wanted to work as an actor, I had the longing to have the experience all the time. I decided to create a space or a playground for me and other actors to do just that.” (More…)