Killing My Idiot Boss

killing my idiot boss-2-01

In my spare time, such as it is, I dabble in fiction (among other things) – and so have decided to publish a novel I’ve written as an e-book.

It’s called “Killing My Idiot Boss” and it’s available at, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and wherever fine e-books are sold. Click on the link below to be taken to your one-stop shopping portal.

Want a sample? You can find one if you click here.


Larry and Ed are about to be fired for a mistake their supervisor made – because he’s going to blame them for it.

What choice do they have – except to hire someone to erase him from the equation?

But these guys aren’t gangsters; they’re PR guys, specializing in image-rehab. Where are they going they find someone to remove him from the picture?

As they discover, once you’ve knocked off one boss, the next one is always easier, in this darkly funny novel of business ethics and morality in an age where perception is often the same thing as reality.

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