Other Writing

On this page, you can click through to see some of the writing I do for other publications. I’ll feature the latest on this page; you can find an archive of other work by clicking on the headings “Cigar Aficionado” and “Everything Else.”


Here’s the most recent of my Cigar Aficionado cover stories to be posted on the web: a profile of actor Jeremy Irons from earlier this year.

My New Novel

killing my idiot boss-2-01

Yes, I’ve written and published an e-book of a novel: “Killing My Idiot Boss,” an extremely dark comedy about what happens when the dogs really do start eating the other dogs in the world of public relations. You can find an excerpt of it (or even buy it) at this link.

Everything Else


I write for several publications, most frequently for the New York Daily News. Here’s my most recent, an interview with Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel about their new film, “Violet & Daisy.”